"...full - service contract manufacturing services"

Infus has the capability to manufacture products from concept to prototype to full-scale production. With the over 20 years experience in medical device manufacturing, we are experts in assembly techniques. Our focused expertise has made Infus highly specialized in the manufacturing of the complex and delicate medical devices

Depending on the needs of the customer, Infus offers the flexible manufacturing capabilities as follows :

  • A complete turn-key manufacturing with all Infus sourced and qualified materials
  • Manufacturing the product with the procured and supplied materials from customers along with the well management of the customers supplied material.

Infus can offer specific clean rooms for exclusive delicate device assembly, and our Class 7 & Class 8 Clean rooms are fully qualified and maintained in compliance with GMP and ISO standard. Along with device manufacturing in our clean rooms, Infus additionally offers other capabilities such as pouch or thermoform blister packaging and sealing capabilities, packaging validation, and ETO Sterilization validation.

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing,OEM Medical DeviceMedical Device Contract Manufacturing,OEM Medical Device