"...material procurement and control is one of our competencies"

Infus offers complete materials procurement and management. This capability and service enable our customers to focus on their own areas of expertise, and leave the material procurement and control in our hands.

Our Material Procurement, Control and Management include the following items:

  • Supplier Qualification in order to ensure their capabilities to manufacture specified components or provide services.
  • Material Purchasing. Infus procurement department works closely with the planning department to minimize lead times, costs, and salvage operations. Procurement also manages vendor delivery and performance to reduce the need to expedite.
  • Material Incoming Inspection. Incoming materials are inspected and tested by our QC for quality control before transferring to the warehouse and for production use.
  • Inventory Control. This is an important factor in satisfying customers' finished product ship requests. Cycle counts and Physical counts are performed to ensure the accuracy of Infus' inventory, and to support the planning and purchasing activities.
  • Material Traceability Control. Infus has lot-control for data traceability.
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